Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skin Lighteners and brighteners For Looking Younger

Everyone wants to have clear skin. Pretty and healthy skin is even toned and radiant looking. To brighten the skin and promote clarity you need to lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Uneven skin tone can be a result of exposure to the sun or abnormal cellular activity. Although genetics play a big part of how your skin tone and color appear, a regimen of topical cosmeceutical and light based devices can transform your facial beauty.

Skin lighteners and skin brighteners are two different classes of skin products. The primary difference is that skin-lightening formulas contain hydroquinone, which penetrates the skin. Brighteners, on the other hand, typically do not change the structure and function of the skin. ARRESTAGE Laboratories Corporation has been successful in achieving the lightening and brightening outcomes without the potential side effects of benoquin and hydroquinone, the active ingredient in most lightening products. Botanical lighteners such as kojic acid, bearberry extract, arbutin, licorice, and retinol can boost the effectiveness of skin lighteners as a bleaching agent in the ARRESTAGE formulas.

Rather than causing the skin to visibly whiten, ARRESTAGE brightening products even out its tone, discolorations, and blotchiness, resulting in an overall brighter and smoother appearance. Even in an economic slump, people are willing to pay a premium for something that produces a visible difference in their skin. The average price for ARRESTAGE antiaging skin care products is often two to three times higher than that of a basic skin care product. When used in clinical settings, physicians and their patients express a preference for cosmeceuticals, like ARRESTAGE, as an adjunct to injectables and light-based devices. Their reasoning is hopeful at best: to maintain the effects of clinical treatments for longer and a good hedge to their investment.

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